Chinese New Year 2017 is January 28, and represents the year 4715 according to the Chinese calendar. The zodiacal sign that corresponds to 2017 is the Rooster, more precisely, the Female Rooster of Fire. The Fire is related to the red color, therefore, the 2017 is the Year of the Red Hen or the Red Hen of Fire.

Based on the theory of the Chinese horoscope, the Rooster is a Female Metal. The Female Metal is related to gold, precious stones or jewels; That is, it shows its value with the naked eye. The Rooster is the 10th animal of the 12 of the zodiac, and is related to the fall season, a harvest season. Therefore, Rooster is also related to fruit. It is good to relax and enjoy a good harvest after hard work. We will use these concepts to analyze the relationship between the Rooster and the other signs of the zodiac.

The Rooster is inherently Metal, but in 2017 it will be related to Fire. Metal fears Fire, since they are opposites. Therefore, for most people luck will be mixed, there will be good and bad news in 2017. The Rooster is also related to fog, carbon dioxide, viruses or contaminated air. Therefore, attention must be paid to the respiratory system.

Since the Rooster belongs to the Female Metal, in fact for the Chinese horoscope it is a Hen. But in the West in general will be known to 2017 as the year of the Rooster.

The cycle of the zodiac repeats every 12 years and begins with the sign of the Rat. Each person has an assigned animal based on the year of birth. For example, those born in 2016 will have the sign of the Monkey.

Use the Chinese calendar of years below to find out which is your zodiacal animal according to your year of birth. But if you were born in January or February, look carefully at the dates, because the Chinese year does not begin on January 1, and varies from year to year.

For example, if you were born in 1970, your zodiacal animal would be the Dog. But if you were born in January of 1970, then you are a Rooster, because in 1970 the Chinese year began on February 6.