February promises to be a very intellectually challenging month thanks to Mercury in Aquarius, which has brilliant ideas. Love will not be outdone, the lovers will be more fusional and more romantic and it falls well because the 14th is Valentine’s Day, do not forget it! Discover your horoscope of the month for this last winter!

After a thoughtful January this month of February 2018 we announce the action and some awareness. The stars urge us to listen more to our dreams and to look to the future. More details on this page : http://www.yearly-horoscope.org/february-2018-monthly/

The astrological sign of the month: Aquarius

Governed by Uranus you are thirsty for absolute. You are very autonomous and endowed with a paradoxical personality. Insubordinate, individualistic, supple and permissive, your saw-toothed moods disconcert your interlocutors, it must be said that with you one must expect everything so you are unpredictable. Sociable – while remaining independent – you alternate behaviors by showing you sometimes serious, distant and cold, sometimes original, anti-conformist and ready to all follies. You are one of a kind, one thing is certain: you leave no one indifferent. Out of the ordinary, you hate signposted paths, prejudices and everything that is acquired in advance. You have only one leitmotiv: freedom, you hate the routine and constraints imposed. You always think there is a better future.
Dates not to be missed:

February 8: New Moon in Aquarius

This New Moon stimulates the favorable aspects between Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. Here is what to rejoice in the relational point of view. You can hope for novelty in your loves or your friendships. Besides, some look enviously at your sentimental advances, beware of the jealous!

February 22: Full Moon in the Virgo

Linked to Neptune, this Full Moon inspires you, it brings forth your hidden dreams, reflections of your unsatisfied desires … It is time to change the situation if you move too far from yourself. The Moon asks you to get closer to your ideals and to forget a little fears and false excuses to fulfill your destiny.

In the privacy: Dark period at the beginning of the month, the stars announce strong disturbances around the 7. From the 14th, you will better master your moods and unforeseen will give you a smile.

At work: Your combative energy at the service of your daily activities proves productive and gives good results towards the 15th. Then, you adapt your decisions according to the circumstances.

Ema’s advice: Know how to repress your anger and enjoy the experiences that present themselves to you and all will be well!

Intimate: Constructive dialogues consolidate loving ties or family ties until the 15th, it’s time to say what you have on your heart. Bachelor, do not confuse love and friendship!

At work: You organize the spheres of your private and professional life better. A frank and direct attitude allows you to solve small problems from day to day without stress.

Ema’s advice: You are making progress on the road to success, but starting on the 14th, show yourself more flexible in the face of unexpected events.

In the privacy: A first laborious fortnight. It is a little underground, work, dodo but you will catch up thereafter. Your optimistic and cheerful nature will quickly regain the upper hand.

At work: Strong planets darken your sky and give you a hard time. If doubts and questions assault you, remain cautious. From the 14th, you will decide to go and see if the grass is greener elsewhere …

Ema’s advice: So serious and rigorous are required, the novelty comes pleasantly illuminate your horizons!

In privacy: You love this month where the satisfaction of your desires is total with your half or a new conquest. If a certain instability takes place after the 17th, the reunion will be all the more intense.

At work: You are given the opportunity to undertake new approaches. You could win a CDI and why not take advantage of an unexpected opportunity? Express yourself, everything is possible.

Ema’s advice: It all comes down to: there’s no time to lose and you have to beat the iron when it’s hot!